How to send keys via Bluetooth HID

Hi. I’m new to the Bluetooth APIs so I’m am looking for some example on how to establish a connection and send keys from the watch to a Windows PC using the Bluetooth HID profile (for instance, send “A” or “Control+X” to the PC as if the watch was a keyboard connected to it). I assume this would be possible since Samsung’s PPT Controller app seems to do that.

I see there is the BluetoothHid class but I don’t understand how to use it to send the keystrokes.

These are the Classes/API references available till now.

Class BluetoothHid (
Class HidConnectionStateChangedEventArgs (

You may check out the similar API references from Tizen Native APIs, concepts are pretty much the same. Might need to have some trial and error I guess.
Tizen Native API: Bluetooth HID
Tizen Native API: Bluetooth HID Device
Tizen Native API: Bluetooth HID Host