How to test for Tizen

I have an app which failed on Tizen

I can test on emulators Tizen 4.0, 5.5, 6.0 and I have a GW with
Test lab devices go only up to Tizen 4.0.

How are we supposed to test for new releases??

Since Tizen OS is backwards compatible if it works on the 5.5 it should work on

If this recently was okay and doesn’t pass review now, they changed how “No Phone Required” is stated and a lot of people are getting rejected for that. Having the review response would be useful.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

thanks for your response, I really appreciate it.

What failed was a web widget, which only fetches a value from tizen storage, and then displays 2 buttons. When you click the buttons, they change color, and save the new choice in tizen storage. As simple as it could be.

I have received a video (which I really appreciate) showing that the buttons do not change color when you click on them. This was only the case for GW3 and The rest of the hardware passed as with the previous version of the app.

I changed the code to be more verbose with showing errors and submitted the app again. I really dont know what went wrong, the code is really simple.

Would you have any idea if something changed regarding web widgets?

Thank you!