How to add/change API to 5.0?

My watch is on Tizen 5.XX but I can only build my watch face for 4.0.
The Target API version drop down is greyed out and set to 4.0

How do I add/change it to 5.0?

It should show Tizen 3 as well as Tizen 4.
GWS does not support features only in Tizen 5.5 but it may be a bit quicker if you compile for that version… Probably not but
If you update to GWS 1.0.2 it allows you go set the API to Tizen 5.

However there is a nasty bug in that version of GWS 2.0.1 if you have an AOD watch face you create it but it won’t load it into the project. It is there and if you open in in GWS 2.0 it shows but it won’t load in GWS 2.0.1

There is a solution if this is a rather simple AoD save it as a custom complication.

So for your personal use GWS 2.0.1 should be fine and will allow you to select Tizen 5.x

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Thanks for that info Ron,

I am actually using GWS 2.0.1 already,

I just checked and it does give me the option to select 3,4,5 api if I “build” the project however if I “run on device” its greyed out and set to 4. Is this your experience?

If I build it, is there a way to push it to my watch to test?

I just encountered this bug, my AOD disappeared after I re opened my project. I see how to save it as a custom complication, is this just a place holder until the bug is fixed?

I have to update to GWS 2.0.1 again then I’ll let you know about run on device greying out the tizen version.

I do not expect any updates for GWS it was a full year between 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 and the main reason for that was to allow it to run on macOS Big Sur.


I see it and I couldn’t build it (in Windows 11) because of the AoD issue GWS 2.0.0 didn’t have any issues on Windows 11.

I was able to build for Tizen5.x then Run on Windows with a new GWS project in Windows 11, But like you trying to run on Device then build only had Tizen 4 enabled.

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After the update GWS 2.0.1 noticed there was 3 different Target API visions. I have generated 3 different TPK files with different API versions. Uploaded all 3 binaries.

Now just confused about what are the binaries should i assign to available device list.

First off I really think you should not use GWS 2.0.1 unless there is a bug fix that you need and can’t do without. The AoD issue is really a pain.

I don’t think you can upload the Tizen 5 binary I don’t know why it is an issue… I believe all Gear S3 devices have been updated to Tizen 4 but if you want to be on the safe side.

I recommend that you create both Tizen 3 and Tizen 4 TPK’s

Step 1.
Build two .tpk files one for Galaxy Watch (Tizen 4.0) the other for old Gear models (Tizen 3.0 or less)
You need to build twice, for each build you should set different Target API version and enter different version number.

Very Important!
In your build settings
Package name should be the SAME
Version should be different
Target API version should be different

In File Manager you will see that both a xxx_TW3.tpk and xxx_TW4.tpk files are generated.

Step 2.
Upload both files at the same time.
Upload First binary
Select add more binary
Upload the second Binary

The result is that two binaries have been updated. TW4 will be downloaded by Galaxy Watch (Tizen 4.x and Tizen 5.x devices) and TW3 will be downloaded by Gear S3 devices that haven’t been updated. A notice will appear don’t worry this is standard.

Step 3
Proceed as before
Enter all the required information… This process is same as before.
And upload, then you can start your service after testing and verification process are completed.


Ignore the numbers this is a 3 year old message but the method to remove Gear S2 and Fit devices is the same.

When you submit a round watch to the Galaxy Apps store you must select all watches 360 x 360 watches in a group to be tested. However, with Galaxy Watch Designer 1.7 or newer, S2 devices are not supported. This causes This causes a validation error you will get because they test on S2 device and it will not install. Here is what you need to do to rectify the problem.

  1. Go to the “Binary” section of the “Add New Application” web page.
  2. Upload your binaries as usual.
  3. Next to the field “Add More Binary”, click on the number behind “Selected Device(s)”, which should read about 1766 or so.
  4. A dialog window with a large list of hardware combinations shows up. Don’t get confused.
  5. In the search field at the top right enter “Gear S2” - no need to press Enter.
  6. The displayed list now only contains hardware combinations including the S2 watch.
  7. Now uncheck the check box “Select all”.
  8. Despite the message still reads 1452 devices selected", you have in fact deselected all S2 combinations, about 314+
    9.Click the “Save” button at the bottom.
  9. The dialog window closes and your device number(s) should now be down to 1097 or 1084 (if tpk4 only) or so.
  10. Save and then submit

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