Tizen native watch face for Tizen 4.0 to Tizen 5.5

Hi everyone.
I develop Tizen native watch faces for Gear S3 (with platform 4.0) to Galaxy Watch 3 (platform 5.5).
My app doesn’t not run correctly on Galaxy Watch 3, so I have to add a specific binary for smartwatches based on platform 5.5.
So I will have 2 binaries, one for all smartwatches that run on Tizen 4.0 platform (from Gear S3 to Galaxy Watch Active 2), and one for smartwatches that runs on Tizen 5.5 (updated Galaxy Watch Active 2 & Galaxy Watch 3).
For each binary, I’ll have to define the smartwatches suitable for the binary.
See https://developer.samsung.com/galaxy-watch-develop/device-compatibility.html for more details on platform versions.
But what about Galaxy Watch Active 2 for example, that runs on 4.0 platform and on 5.5 platform when updated?
Will the customer see 2 apps in Galaxy Store?
Will he only see the app compatible with the platform version of his smartwatch?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Look at FAQ 24 on the GWS FAQ it applies to all Tizen TPKs for uploading.

From my observation with GWS built TPKs the store selects the newest compatible version… That is if you have 3 builds Tizen 2.x Tizen 3 and Tizen 4 and run on a Galaxy Watch 46mm it will install the Tizen 4 version even though it is compatible with the older versions.

But that is my observation and may be incorrect. You can verify this the Seller Portal and if they can’t confirm open a support request and Samsung Developer Program should be able to find out for sure.

Samsung Developer Program


Thank you very much for your feedback.
The FAQ 24 gave me the answer, and it seems to confirm you’re right.
The Store will download the latest version suitable for the smartwatch.
I will test it, and I will let another feedback on this forum for all developers.

As promised, here is my feedback about the way the Store manages different versions (for different platforms) of the same watch face.
It’s exactly what you said, Ron, the Store downloads the latest version suitable for the smartwatch connected to the phone, depending on the platform version of the smartwatch.
So the process is:

  • you create different binaries for each Tizen platform on which you want your app runs on
  • you add your binaries to the Store
  • you select all the smartwatches suitable with at least one of your binaries
  • you can also select different smartwatch for each binary, but I think it’s not necessary
  • that’s all, Galaxy Store will do the job at download
    Once again, Ron, thank you for your help.