How to unload user added font

I know how to add new True type font.
Somehow GWS added different version of same font as xxx-0 which I do not need.
Is there any way to remove this font from font list in GWS except re-creating a new project?

Hi @diamante30r,

Unfortunately, there is no such option in GWS to remove/unload a previously loaded font. But, if you don’t use this font in your design, GWS won’t add this font in your watch face.

If you are more curious then go to the workspace folder while your project is opened in GWS, look into the a hidden folder (folder name starts with a ‘.’ dot). There you can see the res folder and you can delete the font folder from this folder. After that, come back to GWS and save your project.


Thanks azad,
I successfully could remove unwanted font from project.
Thanks so much

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