Hi there, I used it for all my projects and it was available in WatchFaceStudio_1.3.13

Now I was evaluating WatchFaceStudio_1.4.20 and 1.5.7 and the following tag


has disapeared…
I will stay with 1.3.13 (but need at least 1.4.20 to connect with One UI 5.0), what a mess!!!

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With Wear 4 the Heart Rate is a continuous measurement so there is no Last measured time or tap to update mechanism. This is in FAQ 12.

By the way this continuous read out does not affect battery consumption but people that get new watches or new watch face apps will have a higher battery use after first set up. With Wear4 Google Play Services runs quite a lot to update apps and optimize settings.

Samsung Developer Relations


Thanks Ron, your commitment is always appreciated!
Ciao from Italy

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