Heart rate shows 0 BPM even when manually refreshing info


I have received several complaints from customers that the heart rate is not displayed correctly, it keeps showing “0 BPM” even after clicking the “measure heartrate” tap action on the watch face.

It mostly happens with Galaxy Watch 4 devices, but I have also received a complaint from a Ticwatch 3 pro user.

Do more have the same issue, or did I do something wrong myself :sweat_smile:

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Please see the discussion on THIS TOPIC

It is possible to check whether the “Measure heartrate” tap action works as well with other Tag expressions.
With [HR_IS_MEASURING] tag, you can notice that the heartrate is measuring by the action or not. Try it on opacity or rotation property for any visual component such as Image or Text. The property of the component will be updated while the HR sensor is working.
Also you can see the result of the measuring action through a Text component with [HR] tag.
※Note: the HR sensor works only while the device is wearing on the wrist.

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Hmm, thanks.

I have to add that to let people know it’s measuring the heart rate, I have heard complaints from developers that the TRUE tag would hang sometimes and stay at TRUE for a while. Will this be fixed?

I think you are talking about the tag [HR_IS_MEASURING]
This is a WFS feature and not part of the WearOS so it would be our bug. There is a new version of WFS coming I am waiting for that before I report any new bugs. However, if you want to report it to support please do so. But we need a repeatable example.

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