Heart rate problem

The problem of not displaying heart rate is serious. Can you patch this part first?
Customers keep asking me why my heart rate is not coming out.
Other problems are not urgent. Please solve the heart rate output with the top priority.
Thank you.

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Please check out this thread.

[HR] will only update heart rate value when ‘measure heartrate’ action is triggered. You can also set the frequency in WFS > Project > Setting > Health > Heart rate measurement interval.

Thank you.

I already read this thread but its not answer the question\problem

the main problem is that we cant figure out how the watch face can display the heart rate constantly like other watch face for example this default watch face that can show in ‘live’ the heart rate - how we can do it?

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Heart rate is not working correctly. No matter how you set up auto measurement interval, even if you use tap to measure elements… After a while, HR gets stuck, tap to measure will not work and only way to unstuck it is to switch watch face to another & try other workaround. (you can test it by setting [HR_IS_MEASURING] - it will stuck at zero)

This is serious problem. There are numerous threads about this. It needs to be fixed asap as HR is most used functionality and almost every second customer is complaining)

@mkhong is very right.

Can you check to see if the HeartRate works for SHealth users This response include GW4 watches on heartrate issues.
Monitor your heart rate on your Samsung smart watch

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Hi @r.liechty_SDP . Heart rate readings in watch faces created by WFS is bugged on Galaxy Watch4 devices. Im also having reports from other wear OS device users (Fossil, Ticwatch). I can also confirm this error when testing on my GW4 and GW4 Classic, Fossil Gen 5.

Just set any auto measure interval or leave it on manual.
Set tap to measure on [HR] layer or on any other layer above (image, shape)
Optionally set [HR_IS_MEASURING] text layer to see if measuring works.

Then just wear the watch on your wrist for a while (even with AOD) and you will see that HR will get stuck after a while - tap to measure will not work and HR_IS_MEASURING will remain stuck on the 1

Edit: I saw another post where you mentioned that this will be fixed in the next update. Can you also give us approximate ETA? Thanks

I’ve been posting a lot lately, not sure which one it was. There was one that was reported with other issues [MIN_Z] tag didn’t work and that is being fixed. I can’t find it but the ETA on an update is in the next 6 weeks hopefully early rather than late.

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Issue: Sometimes the [HR_IS_MEASURING] tag gets stuck in position 1 (ON) for a long time and does not show heart rate. This issue has been fixed by WFS dev team and this fix will be released in the next version of WFS.

Jakia Sultana

Hi Erez,

Samsung health’s HR value is displayed only in the health app and on preload watchfaces.
Because of legal and security issues, Galaxy Watch4 does not provide personal health data to downloaded watch face (except Step count).

Watch Face Studio provides a function of measuring HR in the device itself and shows its value. [HR] will only update heart rate value when ‘measure heartrate’ action is triggered. You can also set the frequency in WFS > Project > Setting > Health > Heart rate measurement interval.

Thank you.

When you set frequency heart rate, after while (maybe 20 minutes) meassure is freezing and doesn’t continue. Better is set to manual and then is no problem

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Would it be possible to set a smaller measurement interval for the heart rate? One second would be great. The current minimum interval is just too long to be of any use.

Would that not be a work around for the legal and security issues?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

You can set it for continuous but there seems to be an issue with WFS for that setting. It should be resolved in an update to be released this fall.

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Thanks Ron. I’ll be on the lookout for it.

Thanks for post, very helpful and informative for my walgreenslistens.