[HR] tag measures constantly in Wear OS 4 [BUG]

to sell Health watch faces. The factory ones are not esthetically pleasing to me.

And I don’t mean to dismiss your remarks they are all valid.

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How are this health watch face created and why do they behave differently ?

Why cant do the same on wfs?


Why does this work? As in the bpm is a health complication. But when we design in wfs it fails to show bpm

I believe that WFS gets the information from Health Services while Samsung internally developed Watch Faces have access to the Samsung Health API as they are sure that is installed on Samsung Watches. If you owned a Pixel watch you would not see those watch faces. Samsung Health shares Data with Health services by default but apparently does not share the private profile.

Wear OS 3 and higher includes a service called Health Services. Health Services acts as an intermediary to the various sensors and related algorithms on the device to provide apps with high-quality data related to activity, exercise, and health.

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Hi Ron, could this be an effect of the continuous HR when [HR] tag is used?

I doubt it. It can be he has the watch on to loosely that triggers the green light as I understand it from Redit that is the main reason for it being seen.

Anyway the sensor is on all the time for IHRN (Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification) so the tag shouldn’t do anything to another sensor.

According to Android Authority Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 4 uses the onboard accelerometer to detect movement and mates this with user data acquired from its sensor array.

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@r.liechty_SDR i didnt reply because @amoledwatchfaces was asking u,

but i did a test with watch face with [HR] tag, the led turns on when i moved, like noticed in previous post.

Then i switch to another watch face without [HR] tag being used, the led was turned off, moving my hand doesnt turn on the led.

@Knightwing @amoledwatchfaces
You may be right, when I switched to a Factory Watch Face which uses the Health Settings at 10 minute interval there is no green light when changing it to continuous there was what appeared to be a constant green led even when I am not using the HR Tag.

I can’t tell if it is on when it touching my skin :slight_smile:

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Issues are now fixed with AWK4 firmware update!

[HR] tag respects measurement interval setting in Samsung Health.


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Hi @r.liechty_SDR and @amoledwatchfaces , my gw 5 pro still constantly measure hr with hr tag

Guessing gw 5 pro wont be getting this update?

I think all GW4 and GW5 models will get November 1 patch eventually.

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It will be getting the update. You can check for updates even if you have automatic updates and if one is in the queue it will get installed.

I checked my Pro 5 watch and the update for Pro 5 is not available yet in the US. Because this has a Health update too it may be longer in some countries.


Hi till not no wear os 4 update on my gw 5 pro. So hr still not tied to complication.

Software updates especially Health updates often require approval by the individual country

You might want to check with your service provider they may know something about it.

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Its not health updates it should be security updates too

Read online

Samsung rolls out December 2023 security update for Galaxy Watch 5, Watch 5 Pro

I think that is what the Pro5 update was called but it added new Samsung Health complications


Finally got the new update for December.
For gw 5 pro its


Seem to tied the hr tag to the Samsung health heart rate now

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Also found out that hr complication does work now, it will display actuall heart rate instead of just a short cut. For smallbox and largebox complication.

On my gw 5 pro

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