I am not able to push my watchfaces via Galaxy Watch Studio

Guys me getting this error while me trying to push watchface via Galaxy Watch Stuido all was fine till yesterday. anyone knows how to fix it ?

The error certificate in signature expired (actually means it timed out). Usually it is because you did not accept the RSA Encryption key or had an update or debugging is not on.

Did you have an update on your watch or pair it to a different phone recently if so you need to create a new Distributor Certificate
But it could be the RSA Encryption Key was not accepted.
The fix in any case
go to the phone and be sure that debugging is enabled.
Create a new distributor certificate
If it still won’t sideload then it is the RSA Encryption Key was not accepted.

In the C:\users\YOUR_USERNAME\ folder is a hidden folder .tizen
in that folder rename the sdb and sdb.pub to something else. They will be re-created when you start to debug.

Restart watch by holding down the power key until it says restarting about 15 seconds
restart computer to clear any caches.

next time when you go to connect keep the watch active and watch for the RSA Encryption Key and accept it.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

I am experiencing “the same problem” and I have already tried the solutions you mention without results. I did not do anything new other than turn on the pc another day … nothing to update the clock, or the phone, or change the phone or even update something on the pc, the error appeared alone and I already tried the reset of the button, change the name the files sdbkey and sdbkey.pub, also restarting the pc and the clock, load the author’s certificate and renew the distribution certificate, and also accept the RSA. But there is no solution, I even tried to send faces that I already published last week … Any ideas?

Since it is clearly connected and you said

and also accept the RSA.

What version of Java JDK are you running. The latest Java version has been causing problems it could be that go back to Java 8 64 bit

Does it start to install then stop at some percent? If so then…
Try to an example watch face.
If it doesn’t
Make sure Debugging is on and Developer Options are enabled (the slap forehead reason)
If it does
check OPR for AOD if it is more than 9% lower it
Custom Fonts are Photoshop ttf and not real ttf fonts
corrupted image.

If it doesn’t even start with an older version of Java
download Tizen Studio install it and open Device manager and connect through that and then try to install your watch face.

Samsung Developer Relations

I did everything you mentioned in other topics, clear the cache, delete the files, rebuild the certificate, restart the clock, create a new face and nothing … so it occurred to me to reinstall the GWD thinking that it brings a repair tool like Windows, and It turns out not, but you can see that he rewritten the files or something he did, the thing is that the faces that I already had armed kept giving me an error but making a new one, now if I could send the clock again, I just had to redo the one that was in development, and well so far (24 hours) walk.
But I am left with the doubt that I caused that error that appeared last week without updating anything, the only thing that updated me, but before last week and the GWD was still working for me, it is the Galaxy Werable application.
My Java version is: version 8 update 221 (build 1.8.0_221-b11)
I appreciate the help, I hope the error does not appear again

Now that you mention it, I had to reconnect my watch after the Wearable update…

Samsung Developer Relations