I cant figure out how to publish my watch face correctly

Hello everyone. I’ve been fight with google that last few days I just can’t seem to fulfill all the requirements. Either I go Wear OS Only track which seem to limit people from installing the face via playstore on the phone. If I deploy via the the Phones, Tablets Chrome OS I get the error

" 1 message for version code 10000008



This APK or bundle requires the Wear OS system feature android.hardware.type.watch. To publish this release on the current track, remove this artifact."

Maybe i’m going about it all wrong (This is my first watch face) But if you use my Wear OS Open testing track link from an Android phone it says that the Device isn’t compatible.

  • Watchfaces should be published on Wear OS track, that’s why the error shows up when you try to upload it on phone track;
  • For the watchface to show up on the phone store you need to include a companion app for the watchface (a shortcut app for the watch playstore would be great). That is why it shows as incompatible and why users can’t find it in the phone store.

Ps. Try to search for your watchface on the watch store, it probably will be available there.