Whenever I release a watch face, It's listed as not compatible

I’ve asked in a few subreddits and also contacted Google support (which haven’t been useful) so any advice is appreciated.

I’ve released about 10 watch faces on the Google Play store, all of which show as incompatible until a few days after release. I’ve opted into WearOS and added supported devices. Is this just a Google Play bug due to it taking a while to propagate?

My main problem is that my latest watchface has been added 3 days ago and is still listed as incompatible even though its live (shows that it supports 50+ devices in the dev console and is opted into wearOS) Any help / advice would be appreciated

I hope somone has a better answer but all Ican figure out is that the Mobile apps are done almost instantaneous while the Watch Apps are cached and do not propagate out when released. It seems like it is 2 or 3 (maybe longer) before they are shown in the watch store on the mobile or from a watch.

They usually are seen on the play.google from your pc.

Samsung Developer Relations

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