I can't get the fotoshop Themes

Hello. I am new here. I did download the startedkit, but it don’t work by me. What do i need more? Or what do i wrong? :thinking:

The starter Kit is only for applying to be a Themes Developer.

The starter kit includes a Photoshop template containing the app icons and the six (6) required UI screens that need to be designed, and the “Themes Studio Portfolio Submission Example.pdf” for those who do not use Photoshop.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron.
Oké, that is what i know. But how can i made some designed to show you? Do i need the Photoshop myself? I want to created Themes, but i don’t know how. :roll_eyes: :thinking:

Most designers use Photoshop or Illustrator. You can use GIMP that is a free version of Photoshop. Photoshop is expensive and I’d recommend you download GIMP and use that for a year first to see how much you like designing.
Do not use Paint or Paint3D they do not produce high enough quality images to ever be accepted.

Finally you should know that the odds of you being accepted as a Theme designer are about one in a thousand many people apply and very few are accepted. After that about 75% quit designing in the first year because the amount of work compared to the income is not worth the effort.

Samsung Developer Relations

Ron, thank you very much. I will do that. I have GIMP and i will try it. I know it’s difficult, but i think it is someting that i like to do. And i’ll see how far i get. I have a job, so it’s a hoby to do.

Thank you for your commetary.