Theme application rejected

I just got rejected with the generic message “We regret to inform you that your recent SDK request has been rejected. We have determined that we cannot accommodate your request due to lack/verified details.”

As i opened a ticket month before submission to see what is allowed and what not, found that stock images need to have license. Because i don’t have license i worked everything from scratch. Mostly in photoshop but some things in Illustrator.

In my portfolio, i described how the themes are made, some tools that i used and also sent the working links for photoshop/illustrator files for each theme i sent in portfolio. So all the steps i used and effects i ussed can be seen in photoshop files. Again nothing downloaded from the internet exept program itself.

Can anyone please tell me what should i do next?

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This answer is standard and means only one thing - you need to draw more. You need interesting and creative pictures that are not similar to what is sold in a theme store.

As I understand it, Samsung is recruiting designers for a different assortment of themes, and not with the goal of increasing them.

I also received rejections, but in the next portfolio I took a creative approach and was accepted into the team.

You need to be unique… why would Samsung want more content that is the same as what’s already out there? And if you copy someone else’s content, even if you created form scratch, doesn’t mean it isn’t copyright…

useful post, thanks.

How do I apply for theme application,it says third week of February ,application starts,can I know the link,don’t mistake me just curious

@abh1581346087 the link to apply will be available once the application window is opened.