Novice user getting error uploading watch face

Hi all, I do apologize if this has been asked, and I am a novice using GWS. I designed some faces for personal uses, and recently got the Note 20 Ultra and had to set up my Gear S3 Frontier with it, which reset the watch. I tried to upload my watch face, and am getting the following warning all the time. I have no clue how to proceed, any ideas from the community? I will take any help I can get, thanks!

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Maybe it helps you All profiles corrupted (or Watch) after a trial to extend the author certificate?

I’m pretty sure this is you are not accepting the RSA Encryption key and it stalls as it can’t load the .tpk until you accept the encryption key.

See FAQ 24 point 4 about the RSA Encryption key.

I’m moving this to the Galaxy Watch Studio folder

Samsung Developer Program Team