Is it possible to exchange data between Tizen App and iOS

I want to send HRM value from my Tizen app to iOS Application.

  1. I am able to initialise and create Bt Gatt Server in my Tizen Application.
  2. I am also able to receive write value from iOS application to Tizen Application.
  3. Whenever iOS companion app send write command to Tizen Application, Tizen application receives HRM value from Tizen API and should send to iOS Companion app.

Issue is

  1. I am trying to get HRM value using below API, but getting value as 0

int ret = sensor_get_default_sensor(SENSOR_HRM, &sensor);

  1. When I am trying to notify iOS Companion App as below, I got success in Tizen application but nothing is received in iOS application.

ret = bt_gatt_server_notify_characteristic_changed_value(hrGattChara, _bt_gatt_server_notify_hr_characterstics_change_value, device_address, NULL);
if (ret != BT_ERROR_NONE) {
char* err;
err = get_error_message(ret);
dlog_print(DLOG_ERROR, LOG_TAG, “Notfiy for characterstics change. err = %s”,
dlog_print(DLOG_INFO, LOG_TAG, “Notfiy for characterstics change Successfully.”);

Can you please help, what am I missing.

I have never tried to send data from Tizen app to iOS application.
But the below forum issue seems similar with your issue.

You may help you.