IAP subscription period is only monthly?

Hello there,

I am trying to register a yearly IAP subscription item in the Galaxy Store for my wearable web application.

According to various guides (eg: https://developer.samsung.com/galaxy-watch-iap/webiap_pg.html) you can register subscriptions with following periods: YEAR, MONTH, WEEK, DAY.

However, when I try to register a yearly subscription item, this is not possible. Only monthly is possible, please see attachment.

So, what is the secret here?
How can I register a yearly subscription item??


Samsung IAP for Wearables does not support Yearly, Weekly nor Daily subscription. Only monthly.
The documentation refers to the mSubscriptionDurationUnit, which I can understand it is confusing. We will review the documentation and make changes to avoid this type of confusion.

Thank you.

Hello Gaby,

thank you for the clarification.

Would you know if there are any plans to include a yearly subscription period?

Hi Gaby,

I just tried to set the monthly IAP price. The bulk upload does not work below 0.99 USD.

Adding items manually can be set below 0.99 USD but the currency conversion is totally off:

According to current rates, the following should show up: 0.35 USD = 0.30 EUR = 0.58 BGN

Could you please forward these bugs to the development team?
Alternatively, where can I report these bugs?

Thank you for you help!


Subscriptions via bulk upload are not supported by Seller Portal. This is in Seller Portal documentation: Batch Item Registration can be used to register Item products only. Subscription products can only be registered individually in the Seller Portal.

For the currency rates differences that you are observing, please report them to Seller Portal team so they can look into it. You can do so by opening a 1:1 Inquiry in the Support tab in your Seller Portal dashboard (direct link: https://help.content.samsung.com/csseller/main/main.do)


thanks for the link! I have contacted the support team in the Seller Portal.

Have a great day!

i am also looking for this bcz there is no way to find its solution anywhere can some one guide me how to get rid of this bcz it affecting my job plz help if someone knows about it.