Confusion about the payment system

Hello everyone. I start this consultation because I have a few questions about payments, which I indicate below:
1- In the portal I see that in “latest 30 days” it says 83.56 (last month), but in the financial report it says “This month’s Total: USD 40.74” (corresponding to the mentioned month) … Which of the two is the one that Do you have to take into account the minimum required for them to send you the profits that were generated?
2- In the first case I meet my minimum so that they send me (50), but in the second no, this was repeated in 4 previous months, the question is, that value that was generated in past months accumulates by when you do they send the money, or is it directly lost?
3- On average, how long does it take to send you for the first time, the earnings approximately (if the minimum is reached in the month)?
4- How to appear in a promotional poster that comes out as soon as you open the clock application? I speak of for example, “recommended covers” or the first to leave.

My main question is that in 5 months I have not seen earnings sent and I do not know which of the values ​​to take into account to know if they will send something or not

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The accumulated amount from the financial reports are relevant for any payments to be sent - once that amount is above the minimum payment amount you should then get a settlement report around the 21st of the month and get the payment 7-10 days later.

BTW, the amount shown on the portal front page shows the sales, but doesn’t have the fees deducted, so isn’t relevant for any payments to you. Also note that the financial reports don’t cover the full calendar month, but at most up to (I believe) the 22nd of the month, but I believe there can be further delays - in any event, it just gets delayed, but not lost.

I believe you mean the Galaxy Wearable App and that is complicated. It is based on your mobile phone and your paired watch. And the promotional banners in the Store. The wearable app gets the watch faces from the store promotions. So if you apply for a promotion and are shown there is a good chance you will be in the Featured list.

See this notice regarding future global promotions.

Samsung Developer Team

Thank you both for clarifying my doubts

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