IAP Watch face - update issue


i did make an update for one of my IAP watch faces.
For that i did build a new binary, did not change anything on the Item ID.

Now i get the feedback from people, that there “already” paid version shows now “trial period” expired.
What is this!? What i can do? What they can do?


Hi @matze_styles4you,
I think you should submit an inquiry to the Seller Support regarding this.

Make an Inquiry:

    1. Click [Seller Portal > Seller Support > My Inquiry History] to go to the Samsung Customer Support page.
    1. Select “1:1 Inquiry” or “Inquire” to ask questions or make a request.

Hope this may help.


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I did hope that maybe someone knowing this issue. But yeah so i will contact the service team directly.
Thank you for your help.

Matze :slight_smile:

I do not think Seller Portal team can help much with this one. Please open a support request so we can understand better the setup of his watch face and what customers are doing.

Samsung Developer Program

I did have found the problem :roll_eyes: and it was my mistake.
The updated binary did have the wrong Item ID (i missed one letter).
So it not matched to the registered Item ID under purchase section.
When i update the binary again with the correct one it should be fine?

What did happen to users who did try to buy the “wrong” one (last 2 days)?