Galaxy Watch IAP

Hi, I come through this forum to ask for help. I have read and reread the tutorials to implement the “Galaxy Watch IAP”. But I don’t understand how to send it to the store. In GWS I already activated the IAP option and put the name in the “ITEM ID”, left 3 minutes FREE and “once trial is expired”.
I saved the APK as IAP TEST MODE: Commercial.
I sent it to Galaxy Store, put the price in “Country / Region & Price”.
And in “In App Purchase”, in “Item ID” I put the same name that is in "ITEM ID in GWS.

Is correct?? Or what do I need to do?

Hi @Dany_Brazil,

I am afraid you are mistaking. The tutorial says the following,

Therefore, you should keep the price as free if you add a trial periods in your watch face and the price for your watch face should be set in the In App Purchase tab. So if anyone wants to purchase after finishing the trial period would be charged accordingly. See the tutorials attentively to understand better.


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Wow! I forgot that detail. Thank you!

Pleasure to help. :blush:

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