Icon showing on preview after media swap

Hi all, I’m quite new to this so bear with me.

I’m trying to add my own battery images (png’s) each time it goes past a certain %. I’ve created a ‘circle complication’ and chose just the ‘icon’ option with watch battery as the default provider. I’ve then highlighted the icon and swapped the media to my own image but when I test it or run it on the device to check it it’s still the same stock icon it was before.

You can see my green battery image but on the run and preview it’s the icon.

What am I doing wrong?

I am not sure here, but I guess the default complication icons cant be replaced.
Maybe if it was not ‘complication’, but “complication” made from scratch using tag expressions, then you may have it looking as you like.

You need to use tag expressions if you want to create something you are saying. Complication used the provider icon.
You can check this code lab, what you are trying to design in this code lab is to have: is a progress bar with an icon the difference is you want a battery ison but it has a step icon.

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