Complications having no icon?

So I have a nice watch face and for all my complications I use the Icon + Text variant. Sadly some of those complications have no icon. Steps for example.

So for the steps:
-Make a complication(Let’s say Next Event)
-Change complication layout to Icon + Text
-It now showes me the date of my next event & a little calendar icon.
-I now change the complication to steps
-Steps has no icon, so I now only see a text field displaying my steps

Any fix for this?

Create your own steps Icon image.
Expand the Short Text complication
right click the “Icon”
at the bottom is swap Image, select your Steps icon image and it will now be used.

Samsung Developer Relations

Having said this I noticed it is not changed in the preview window but it is changed in the settings. I don’t have a watch to try it on. If it works on the Watch let me know.
Note the preview window does show the changed Icon when it is a Battery complication

It doesn’t work… Otherwise you would have to set an icon for each complication. I don’t get it. Why dont they just support icons for all the chooseable complications.

You can read about wearable complications in in this reference. Basically a complication is something in the OS that is available to every developer.

It is a template that the developer fills out with their data and that is then provided through the OS in something called a service provider.

One of the things that needs to be filled out is Icon, however it says…
Returns the icon field for this complication, or null if no value was provided for the field.

I assume that since Steps does not provide an Icon image that there can be no image swap.

Samsung Developer Relations

S Health app problem. Hopefully will be solved in the future. You can still use layout with text + title so you will get something like [7500 STEPS].

Yea, you get 7500 STEPS. But that means I cannot get images for the complication at all, even when the user swaps it. It’s a limitation of this already quite limited software.

Just include both layouts text + icon & text + title. If an app provides icon it will be used. Also set text + title + icon and hide title element.