Image opacity based on minute time

I’m trying to create an image opacity based on either [MIN] or [MIN_SEC] tags. My goal is to create a ring of images around the face that have the number of the minutes and have them go in and out of opacity based on the minute of the day. For example, the image at the top would have a “00” and only be visible when the minute was at 00. And an image of a “1” next in position that would only be visible when the minute was at 01, and so on.

I tried using a code concept based on the moon phase opacity trick that I’ve gotten working. So the code I’ve tried was

([MIN_SEC]>=0) + ([MIN_SEC]<=0.999) ? 100 : 0

([MIN_SEC]>=1) + ([MIN_SEC]<=1.999) ? 100 : 0

and so on…

But for some reason i can’t get this to work. What am i doing wrong?

Attached are some examples images of how I’d like this to work

Hi. Did you try 100*([MIN]==0) … 100*([MIN]==1) etc. ?
Or maybe use timeline with a loop?

Hello, it seems the imges are pretty small. If they would fit in the circle next to each other without overlaping, how about making a black mask with shaded hole and let it rotate above the numbers? Or even make a “hole” circle image + minute text field to orbit around the face (ticking each minute into new position).

I plan to have a background image, not just a blank face. And to get the images large enough to see, they would overlap

THAT WORKS!!! Thank you!