Image washed out/grey in AOD


I’ve just upgraded from a Galaxy Watch3 Classic to a Galaxy Watch6 Classic.

I’ve made some watch faces for my Watch3 using Galaxy Watch Studio and now I’m trying to do the same in Watch Face Studio. However I’m encountering an issue. When I add an image to my watch face it displays as intended in active mode. But when it switches to ambient/AOD mode the image gets washed out/grey. In this case the image is rather dark to begin with, so it actually gets brighter for the AOD.

Why is this happening? Is it something like only a certain amount of colors are allowed to be shown in AOD? This worked without problem in Tizen on my Watch3. It feels weird to go backwards and that it wouldn’t work in these newer watches.

I appreciate any help or guidance I can get around this.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

I’ve also noticed this recently on GW6 - on some watch faces it looks like there’s a grey filter over AOD, making them appear brighter than they should be.
This is especially visible in a dark environment.

I believe it has something to do with more detailed watch faces which don’t have a 100% black background.
Simple watch faces with purely black background don’t have this issue in my experience, but more detailed ones (which have even a tiny bit of glow, shine effect or any background pattern) look greyed-out in AOD.

I guess a possible solution right now would be to simplify the AOD, and make the background fully black if possible.

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Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

Here is the watch face that I’ve just tested. One image is active state and the other aod-state. On the aod I removed the center background as I was testing, so therefore it is black.

As you say you notice it primarily in dark environments.

A solution is to make the aod more basic, but I like the detail. Annoying that the watch gets brighter when its supposed to save battery…

I’m not sure what problem I’m having exactly, but it sounds similar to your issue, except it’s on a 3rd party watch face… also, for reference, I’m on the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier edition…

I’ve got a watch face that basically loads a set of photos from my watch gallery, and uses them in a slideshow, to be the background of the app provided watch-faces. It generally works as expected, but here’s where the head scratcher is…

Ok, so, I copy a photo or drawing to my watch, and to be completely fair, they are more darker and grittier in color with say dark grays or dark blacks or dark greens or similar, and in one case it is basically a picture of the edge of a lake at night time with a few lights showing on the far side of the lake, to represent some kind of settlement or property in the trees on the other side of the lake, with a mountain in the background as well, and a mirrored reflection of said ground and sky as well as Moon. That picture in and of itself, as I said, is rather darkish, although, there is also a fairly brighter colored person sitting on the edge of the water as well, who appears more lighter skin tone color compared to the rest of the image…

Here’s the rub, if I view the picture in the watch gallery, it shows up semi fine, but if I use it as a watch face, it shows up like it’s in 256 color mode or something, and what colors that it does show differently have, like you explained in your post, some kind of a grayish tint to them, or at least more so than the rest of the photo… I’m sure if I just did a Galaxy watch designer custom face it would probably work better than using this third party app but I would like to figure out if there’s a way to fix that, because a lot of these photos are rather on the larger side compared to the screen, at at least 1,000 by 1,000 pixels… Of course, the photo that I mentioned as a demonstration, is probably more of a 16x9 versus a 4x6 photo so maybe that has something to do with it as well? It’s not the only photo that does that kind of stuff but it works for a demonstration, although, I really don’t like the watercolor look that it currently has so yeah, it’ll do for now.

Also, if anyone’s wondering, this is not in AOD mode, THIS IS IN REGULAR MODE!!! I’m currently just trying to figure out why the stuff shows up fine in gallery, or at least it’s fine as it can on a watch face, but it shows up worse in a third party watch face with photo selector options. Oh, it only seems to really affect darker, grittier photos, lighter photos seem to appear fine…

Also, for some reason I am very rarely able to access my app list, without actually going to the app list watch face currently, and I’m not quite sure why because I did just reset the thing so it should work, I think?