AOD Background appears solid black

I am almost done with my latest watchface, but for some reason, AOD appears black when I export to my GW5. Within WFS, I can clearly see the background. In the screenshot, in Always On mode, the background isn’t set to hidden. Any ideas on what could be causing the background to go black on the watch?

Hi. Check for opacity and Color alpha values. For me, opacity field sometimes produces errors when not set to 100%.


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I’ve seen this reported before. It seems if you make a copy rather than just a new image in AOD mode it is a size optimization where they end up with the original visibility settings.

So, use the same image but make it visible or not in AOD / Normal modes. Or instead of making a copy of an image add the image a second time.

I think that is it.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I tried both yours and amoledwatchfaces’ methods. Still getting the same issue. It seems the “Analyse on Pixel Ratio” shows a percentage of 14.9%. When I run the analysis it goes all Red/Pink saying the entire AOD is above 20, which isn’t true. Lastly, when I try to push the watchface to my watch for testing, it gives random numbers at 00:51, such as 29% or 58% or even 79%.

I ran it three times in a row without changing anything and get random numbers. Sometimes the push will work, sometimes it will get stopped because of these random above 15% ratios. It finally worked, but still, the background is totally black in AOD. Just shows the Index, Complications and Hands only.

When they check the AOD it tests for every time and if any of the time is bad it will fail the pixel ratio.

Try running the AOD in the Run Preview and see if you see at some time it changes and is not black.

Are all these things you have listed as copies really copies? I don’t understand the reasoning for that and expect this to be an issue.

I’d suggest you make a close and make copy of your WFS project and then restart your computer to get rid of any caches that WFS might have.

open the copy (or original) and modify that removing any copies of items you have for AOD and hide or show in the AOD work page.

If that doesn’t work then I think the project is corrupt and you might need to start all over.

Samsung Developer Relations

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It makes sense so far. I guess I made copies of my AOD Hour and Minute hand due to not understanding how to dim the hand so it appears dimmed only AOD vs Active. I’ll give this a shot and report back

It looks like starting it over again with no duplicates worked! Thanks Ron!