In Samsung Android 11 in google chrome app and webview camera and microphone not access

I have a samsung M32 mobile. When i used the API level 30 app then i found that camera and microphone not work in samsung phone at a time join meeting error is: “webcontentsdelegate::checkmediaaccesspermission: not supported”

When i used API level 29 app then both camera and microphone access in the meeting.

When i open the meeting in Chrome browser app then same problem face. Camera and Microphone not access.

I also check this in Samsung other Android 11 phones 2 more models A22 and F22 and same error show.

When i check this in Pixel 4a (Android 11) phone then their camera and microphone work fine in API level 30 app.

I also raised the issue in google web view team at here Sign in - Google Accounts

They said it is a bug with samsung.

So please check and solve this bug.

This is not the right forum for reporting issues, it should be reported on the Android OS Developers discussion.

This discussion board is for Samsung SDKs and tools. Samsung OS development team does not read this discussion.

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