In summary: man, am I angry

… because I wonder …

why is it not possible to create apk for phone with watch face studio? There are enough developers who can do that.
Why is there a constant message that the device is incompatible with watch faces created with WFS?
Why are our watch faces not found on Google Play?
Why do we have to explain to our customers that some of them can only buy the watch faces via a PC?
Why did Samsung start a cooperation with Google when almost nothing works here?
Does Samsung still have any influence on what happens on Google Play?

Google has changed the guidelines again. Now the title must have a maximum of 30 characters.
The consequence of this is that the watch faces are found even worse or not at all. Try to write: “Watchface title for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 designed for Wear OS” with 30 characters. It does not work? Right! But that’s exactly what customers are looking for … and can’t find anything. The result: no traffic - no sales.

A well-known Youtuber wanted to do a review for one of my watch faces today. Unfortunately, the Watch Face cannot be downloaded again. So it is questionable whether I will get my review.
Unfortunately, you don’t get such a chance every day.
Thanks for that: Samsung? Google? WatchFaceStudio?

So. And now it’s your turn. Creating watch faces takes time and money. It would be nice if it would pay off one day.

Sorry about my anger. But it doesn’t go on like this.


Same problems I have now…
I’m also angry with the policy between samsung and google.
They should’ve prepared for this before galaxy watch4 series.
For now, nothing is better than we used to sell in samsung store…

I cannot sell in the Samsung Store. Obviously they already have enough developers there. No more chance of being accepted there. You can apply as often as you like. It’s a shame because my customers ask me if I also produce my watch faces for Tizen. Yes. I’ve produced enough Tizen Watch Faces. But Samsung is not interested.

I am angry and really pissed because of unreasonable behavior of Google.
and i feel spending so much time and getting these results maybe are not worth the time.

Correct yourself first and then correct us. Unnecessary reasons for rejecting perfectly working watchfaces, creating delays . Im sick of this non sense . This screenshot is not circular this screenshot is not 1024 , blah blah. HR doesnot work where as it does please make your testing team learn how to measure a heart rate first.

And look at yourself google you cant even provide a proper watch face studio and its really funny that you have to tell people to install watch faces via pc .

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Neither Google nor Samsung is forced to develop an application for us at all. You and other developers designers who are complaining about anything should first think about this and rather be grateful for this opportunity to make some money.


@amoledwatchfaces Now think of those who do it out of passion, it is a hobby for them, not earning money as it is for you.

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This does not make sense. At the end of the day the consumers are the ones that will end up unhappy with these devices. I already have seen many complaints from people with new watches that find it a pain to get faces or navigate the google play store, or when they finally find something, they cannot install the face.

You cannot release new hardware and not have the software to create an ecosystem that is useful for us “designers” and a store that consumers are used to and can get what they want without having to jump through hoops.

The software and support is just as important as the hardware that it is running on.


Well, of course it is our passion to develop watch faces.
My Also. Naturally. And … lately I also like to write stories. Here is one of them:
Once upon a time …
was there a talented guitar player (let’s call him Karl)
Karl played his guitar day after day in a deserted forest. His game was so lovely. And all the birds sang in choir with him. The sun was shining. And Karl was so pleased.
One day a fairy appeared. “Hey young guitar player”. Don’t you want to share your lovely sounds with millions of people? "
“Of course,” said our young musician. He was full of happiness. So he practiced day after day and then went to the great hall of the fairy.
Millions of people fit in this hall. And when Karl wanted to enter, the doorman stopped him. “Hey you! You want to play the guitar here? It doesn’t work that way. Your guitar is too big and the wrong color. Come back when this is fixed”.
So it happened that Karl worked hard to buy a new guitar.
But again and again he was not allowed into the hall. Sometimes the guitar was still too big, sometimes the color was too light, and sometimes it sounded too loud.
But our musician didn’t give up. And one day he was actually let into the great hall.
Millions of listeners were waiting for his performance. But nobody could hear him. Because his guitar was too small and too quiet, the stage too big. Other guitar players drowned him out with their larger, louder guitars. So nobody paid any attention to him and Karl went on his way with bowed head. He was so sad. And he never touched a guitar again. His lovely game could never be heard again in the lonely forest clearing. The birds also stopped singing.
And the moral of the story. “Hey you fairy! Get a grip on your bouncers.”

All similarities with living people, birds, bouncers or fairies are purely coincidental and not wanted. This is a fictitious story that didn’t actually happen.


A beautiful summary of the current situation. :+1:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:Although for those who do not allow others to complain about this situation, it may not be appropriate. :sunglasses: :grin: :grin: :grin:


You caught it well. Karl knew how to play the guitar (WFS). Where did he get that guitar? Did he buy it? He got it for free. What happens if the guitar doesn’t work very well? Karl starts cursing at whoever gave it to him.

Karl should rather calm down and look for a way to fix the guitar or to play a broken guitar.

That’s why @amoledwatchfaces has 25 releases in Play Store from the August & someone managed to publish a 80 ?

I also don’t like this situation but we must understand that we are using 3rd party tool and neither Samsung nor Google are required to do as we whistle. If we want to continue, we must put our hand to the work (on Guitar), send ideas, look for mistakes, report problems, offer solutions and wait for WFS & Google devs to improve things (Play Store too).

About that google requierements. All Play Store sellers have to adapt to these, not just us.
Wear OS screenshots change ? - At least you see they are doing some changes to listings so they are working on something.

No. Karl doesn’t scold. Karl is sad. The fairy only has her big hall because of the many guitar players. That is why she makes her large hall available. In her own interest. Without a hall - no guitar players.

But as already mentioned. It’s just a story I made up. I like to entertain you :wink:

I’d like to let all know that this has gotten the attention of Samsung.

The Samsung Wearable App now opens the Pay Store with many more watch faces featured. This should ease the issue with finding watch faces that have been uploaded and are for sale.

Samsung is communicating with Play Store on various issues they have heard and more importantly understood your complaints.

Samsung Developer Relations