It's getting worse and worse

I don’t know how the other developers here in the forum feel, but I firmly believe that Google is making it harder and harder for us to sell Watch Faces.

At the beginning of the Galaxy Watch 4 era, at least a few downloads were made. Then new guidelines were introduced.
Above all, the shortening of the characters for the heading (from 50 to 30 characters).
Since the Google Play algorithm is obviously looking for meta tags in the headline, you can hardly attract the customer’s attention with just 30 letters.

But since the Google Play app has been able to select the mobile phone - which of course does not work - the downloads (for approx. 14 days) have been 0. Zero. Nada.

I’m starting to doubt whether it still makes sense to continue developing Watch Faces for the Galaxy Watch 4 and publish it on Google.

  • The watch faces are not found
  • and if it does, an error message appears stating that the device
    is not compatible.
  • If the remaining, patient users have still selected the right device, the “check mark” for the phone fails.
  • Finally, there are the customers who are really trying to get the Watch Face through a web browser.
    These are my real heroes. They made it to the end of the level and the boss and (maybe) defeated him.
    Oh, by the way, I miss the gaming nights with my C64 computer.

It can’t be the case that you have to give the customer a page-long description of how to make a download.
Very few people read these descriptions anyway.

Oh, and not to forget: The eternal rejections because of heartbeat measurements, image formats, square or round clocks, the north wind or the wrong color of my underpants, blah blah blah …

This way, new developers don’t have the slightest chance to establish themselves.

So how’s it going? Is there a light on the horizon or will it no longer work with Google?


Does anyone know why the description of the watch faces is no longer available via the Google Play app?

Enable “translation” and you will see the entire description.

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Thank you Matteo. It’s no longer in English, but in German, but I can live with that.

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