Availability watch faces on Play Store and user complaints

Hello Everyone,

surely mine is a biased version but I see that many users are complaining about the lack of watch faces on the Play Store than they were used to with Samsung and Galaxy Store: categories, best sellers, new releases etc …

Will there be a solution to this issue on Play Store? Or will nothing change and users will have to scramble to find watch faces?

If this is not the right forum, who should we ask these questions?

Thank you.


Hi Matteo,

I agree, I have a few faces out and no traffic at all, I have even posted links to people who asked me and most say they cannot see it or download it.

My inbox is full of people who want me to convert my faces to the new watch and it almost feels like at the moment I am wasting time trying to figure it out.

We really need some sort of help with getting our faces on the store correctly and visible for our customers and for us. I think most of us have no problem figuring out the tool and creating faces, we have been doing that for years. But the google play store is just not working for us at the moment.

We really need help with this, but if I am totally honest, we need our faces for the new watch back on the Samsung store and this is not only my saying, but many of my customers are saying the same thing.

I agree, a lot of people have said they cannot find any faces online. I had a customer yesterday that told me he has 35 of my faces on the previous galaxy watches and he will pay me to convert them, but I can’t even find the faces I have done so far when I search for them on the play store at the moment, we really need help.

I totally agree.
It is difficult to expose the watch face, and the wear OS page is also unstable.
I think we need a lot of help. :cry:

I think dual store (Play Store + Galaxy Store) like on the Samsung Phone is the best solution. We can sell watch faces on the Galaxy Store and user can still download apps on Play Store. I dont think Play Store will change like the Galaxy Store, it is just like what it is.


Any solution is fine, it is important that there is a solution.

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I totally agree with this

agree, the play store is so so so so soo bad. It only shows few faces per category and users have no way to reach our designs… Hope you guys reconsider this and move back the watchfaces in the Galaxy Store, where they belong, not in a store that is 10 years behind the competition!

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Agree is not easy to find eve your own watch face ;). Is only a matter to keep it enough long in the Play store then is a bit easier to find it. But still not perfect. I think is based on popularity of your watch face. But then how it can get popular if no one can find it.

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Agree with everyone here… It is a big vast universe of apps in Play store good luck if anyone can find our watch faces.
Also most of the watch faces which get big downloads are the ones that are free and have in-app purchases. I believe we do not have that feature in-built with WFS.

I did manage to speak to someone at the Play development team using link below on this subject which took about 10 days as the chat link is almost never visible.

Anyway they told me they have algorithms that will put your watch face in the below section, i.e. volume of downloads. Play Store - Select Apps - Categories - Watch Faces

So yes if you check 99% of the faces are FREE and have 100,000+ downloads with In-App purchases so we don’t stand a chance.

I really hope someone from Samsung can talk to the right folks at Google as the current format will not offer the features like Galaxy store does.

I think all we can do is push the links to your Developer Page via social media for now.


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i think sell watchface on the galaxy store is the best solution. why we can still sell watchface on galaxy store but only china

China does not allow Google Services in their country. So the only way is via the China Galaxy Store.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I expected a LOT more from the company with the world standard search app. You would think it would be in their best interest to help any customer find the apps they want in the fastest most non-aggravating way. Otherwise, what’s the point of having the insane number of apps that they have, if people have such a difficult time finding what they’re looking for?

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I guess when Wear OS3 is finally in a status like google want to have it and we have more (much) more compatible watches on the market, then it make sense for Google to optimize there Play Store UI. So it will be a step by step process.

Looks like times where people get a perfect product from the start are gone :see_no_evil:

I think the revenue generated from Watch Faces its very small compared to other applications but I’m sure your right it will get better over time as more devices will have latest Wear OS. They should at least give us the option to select Watch Faces as a category from the Console using these TAGS is not ideal. I mean why do we have to select personalization. I would like to see sub cats for Analogue , Digital, Art etc and charts for the watch face section.

Hello, friends. How long does it take to approve a watch face before it’s released on Google Play? Thanks

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It can take 3-4 days I found if you have issue it can then take a further few days once they review. I also found you cant install via some methods and only weblink works on some of my faces.

I’ve just noticed there’re so many sellers who have some problems I have now.
Just gather these voices to make the playsotre better to show our watch faces.
I just can’t believe samsung and google didn’t do anything about the selling eco system,
they should’ve completed all process before new galaxy watch 4 launched powed by google wear os.
so sad…

Hello! im really new here, i created a watch face for fun and tried to upload it to google play from Watch face studio. When i pressed “upload” it takes me to google play and then nothing happens? Its not there, can someone point me in the right direction here i dont know whats happening


Did you create a developer account and paid $25 ?