Incorrect workout name from Samsung Health API

I am using “Health Platform API” to read workout activities performed on Samsung Watch 4 and Watch 5.

It has been observed that, we are getting getting wrong name from Samsung API for performed workout.
For example,
“Cycling” we are getting “workout_outdoor”
“Pull-ups” is getting as “workout_indoor”
“Push-ups” is getting as “workout_indoor” etc.

However, Samsung Health App is showing correct names for same workouts.

Can you please help us understand why it happening and what could be done to get actual workout names.

Please guide. Thanks in advance.

The Health Platform API Version 1 is deprecated as of May 11, 2022. It has been replaced with Health Connect.

If you try using that and let me know if that changes the result. I recall seeing something similar in The Tizen Health when health would add functionality it would rearrange stuff so titles didn’t match. Health Connect should resolve any issues like that.

Samsung Developer Relations

But Health Connect still not available on Wear OS.?
Is it.??
Please guide. Thank You,

I think you need API 30 (Wear 3) which is required for all next month.
You do need to request access to read and write data. See the Health Connect home page

Samsung Developer Relations

HI, Thanks for the information.
I checked the page you provided but I did not see anywhere where they mentioned about availability of Health Connect on Wear OS…

Yes I blew that answer. I was confusing Health Connect (mobile) and Health Service (wear OS)

Thanks for understanding I apologize.

Samsung Developer Relations