Samsung Health and Strava Sync. Can anyone in development or product management help


I realise these forums are not the customer support channel. But customer support are not providing any customer support and but I’m hoping someone in dev or product management in Samsung Health might be able to help me and an increasing number of Samsung Health/Wearable users with our continued dissatisfaction with the broken and inaccurate sync between Strava and SHealth?

I’m not going to repeat the whole saga here, but if I could direct you to the following link, you’ll find twenty pages of dissatisfied users; all feeling that Samsung are taking little to no interest or accountability for working with Strava to get the issue resolved.

I think more than anything else, some response from yourselves or the right contact (I think the Head of Product is/was Steven Judge) on the forum may be useful reassure that the matter is being looked into - the responses from the customer service team range from unhelpful to complete gibberish!

Thanks in advance!

HI Jon,

Samsung Health API is not a public API at this time. Strava appears to use it’s one algorithm using the Watch sensors and not Samsung Health.

I was told that making Samsung Health a public API is planned but I don’t have any timeline.

The Samsung Health team does not read or respond to this discussion board to avoid disputes over originality of ideas. So, I’ll let this stay for a few days for others to comment on but I will delete it next week.

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HI. I know Samsung Health doesn’t have an API but it would appear Samsung Health itself is sending the data to Strava’s API incorrectly. This is probably the wrong board but we’re a community of users desperate for an answer from someone who cares at Samsung and this felt like the only option - all other routes are just falling on deaf ears.

As far as I can tell, Strava uses the sensor information directly. The permission when I installed the Strava App said that is what it would do.

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Hi. Ths issue isn’t with the Strava Watch App. That works (but the app is not good). The issue is with Samsung Health - this is the app that is built into the £300 Galaxy Watches and Android. Samsung have built sync from the Samsung Health app on Android to Strava (assuming through Strava’s API). But it either doesn’t send the right data to Strava, or Strava is not processing the data correctly. Samsung blame Strava, and Strava blame Samsung. As customers, we don’t really care who is to blame but just want someone from Strava and someone from Samsung to talk to each other and sort the problem out. But nobody from either end is taking any responsibility to do so and just say it’s not their problem.

Well there we go folks. Six days on and nothing. Let this be a cursory warning to anyone thinking of developing for the Samsung platform around the support your customers will be getting, nor the support you get from the dev team. Think again and develop for Android Wear instead…