Information proven on active 2


i wonder how accurate the heart price and step rely measurements are on an active 2. i realize there’s surely a degree of inaccuracy (no longer awesome evolved like phones) but i’m curious how dependable the records is that if i exploit it as a reference? now not for clinical reasons though. [I get like 350+ steps a day in quarantine and I basically sit all day long, which doesn’t seem reasonable to me]

for exercises, might you recommend the usage of any 0.33 celebration apps? it’d be nice if there were apps which are more informative and can sync with samsung health on the same time.

thanks guys

I know allowing Tizen developers to access Samsung Health is a goal but I do not think it is going to happen in the short time. If you want accurate steps you probably need to wear it on your ankle (it is an option in the steps counter settings). When on the wrist it seems to only measure how many times your arm swings, pushing a cart or mowing a law shows few steps.

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thankyou my issue has been solved