Install tpk on watch.. Device not registered error[-12]

Dear Forum,

at first sorry for the bad english.
So i have a certificate problem to deploy to a watch. (which is not connected to the Development Machine)
I build a tpk with a new created Samsung certificate (distribution public) with the DUID of the watch (1.0#… ) where i want to install the tpk.
But at the install process through sdb install …i always got a Error Register Device first <-30> error [-12]
Has someone an idea to fix this error? Or is there something to consider?
And the strange thing is… months ago i got it to work… and the old tpk is still able to install.

Thanks Mats


Before you can install an app on a watch you need to accept an RSA Encryption Key. I think that is giving you the installation error. It may also be you have not turned debugging on or tapped on the Software version 5 times to turn on Developer Options.

If you’ve done those and accepted the RSA Encryption make sure you are creating the correct version of Tizen

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