Is GWS still being developed?

There hasn’t been a new version in over 8 months, so I’m wondering if it’s still being developed. Not trolling, just hoping. Given the extreme lack of documentation or tutorials for Tizen Studio, I’m really dragging my heels at the thought of trying to learn it.

Any info appreciated!

I don’t know if a new GWS update will come out
You can try Tizen Studio but programming knowledge is required.
Very important is to understand APIs for functions.
I have been working with Tizen Studio for 6 years, before it was called Tizen SDK

Is there any sample watch face available with Clock with health info? I can’t find it in Tizen studio sample files.

Galaxy Watch Studio is still being developed but I do not expect anything but a minor bug fix version for several months.

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If you are talking about Samsung Health that is not available to developers at this time it is not a public SDK. If you are talking about reading the health sensors such as HRM then that is available but it is up to the developer to interpret the information.

If you want something that has a clock and health then you should use Galaxy Watch Studio to developer your watch face. There a many examples of that.

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