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Hi! When will be new version of GWS? Still is 2.0.0 beta

Samsung Developer Program was told there would be a bug fix version but it has not been released and every time I speculate on the date it passes.

I wish I could be more informative.

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Thank you for your response.
I wonder when it will be possible to use steps along with the weather on one dial

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My wild speculation is that development has completely ceased for the Tizen version of GWS and a Wear OS version will appear shortly after the GW4 and WA4 are released this summer. This is based purely on the fact that no new version has been released in well over a year, and all the rumors that the next Samsung watches will run Wear OS.

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The GWS developers are aware of desire for both weather and health on the same watch face. There isn’t much more that I can say. It is possible if you create a watch face using Tizen Studio and use C/C++ Platform and not the web tools.

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Probably you have a true. I’ll wait. Thx

There is a very select group of designers that have a beta, they have already published on their social networks that they are working on faces for WO for the new galaxy, which confirms that they already have the new software, so we just have to wait to see if it will be an update of the GWD or a new software, and more importantly, if it will be possible to export the faces published with GWD to the new Galaxy Watch

Guess my wild speculation a few weeks ago wasn’t so wild after all. Looks like there is some sort of tool being tested that will convert a TPK into whatever format the new WearOS requires. Then there is also something called Honeyface that will serve as the replacement for GWS.

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I hadn’t heard of that, but it sounds interesting, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the whole thing continues

I would like to know this source.

If you go to the community section of watch and face reviewer Jibber Jab’s YouTube page you’ll see a leak revealing all of this.

Nice… According to this, only the TOP sellers get the beta version, which essentially is giving them a head start on having ready content from day one…

It would be fair if all the designers get the tools before the release so they have also ready content from day one!


You make a valid point, but I don’t have a problem with the Matteo Dinis of the world getting access before the rest of us. Samsung knows they add a tremendous amount of value to their product, and having some of the top selling watch faces available right out of the chute will help folks be quicker to part with their money to buy the new watch.

Having said that, I, like you, would love to have access to these tools!


I have nothing against the top developers, they definitely have great content and they have worked countless hours to be where they are!

This comment was about how this action promotes healthy competition which is something that is expected from a company of that stature…

I do understand that a test version cannot be shared to everyone but I would expect the selection to be random.

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It is industry standard practice to start all beta testing with a select group of individuals and expand it to a greater number gradually before it is an open beta.

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Hello Ron,

Sure, the problem here is the selection criteria of the beta testing group. If it was random, it would be fine!

Personally I feel that it could have been handled better. It seems that only a few have more information about the transformation ahead.

To all, did you see any announcement from Samsung or at least any communication regarding what’s coming? I didn’t receive anything.

Again, it maybe an industry standard however some ethical pilars should apply. Otherwise, it is, unfair, pointless and disturbing…


Totally agree with you, I was just checking how and if GWS will work on the new GW4 watches, and stumbled upon this post,

As you said earlier it would have been nice for Samsung to share that information with us at least,
not to mention the “select group” of best sellers that got the new GWS days (maybe weeks) before release of the GW4, so that they would have faces ready from day 1.

How are others supposed to become “best sellers” if Samsung doesn’t really help with at least providing the Software.

I am starting to get tired of how Samsung “promotes” some designers more than others.
I understand the marketing purposes part, but at least give as all the chance for a fair competition.

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With the latest events, I started to believe that fair competition does not apply any more… The watch faces for Samsung are a done deal…

What remains now is the future… I am not sure how the Samsung - Google deal is and if our developer accounts will transfer to Google or we as developers we will need to sign up (or those that want to continue designing for google). I would expect that the accounts will transfer but let’s see.

The fact that there is no communication from Samsung worries me on one side, on the other since so far there was nothing, I expect nothing…

I build a platform that designers can upload and sell their designs and I invite anyone who wants to follow.

Taking my own way…

I wonder, once the platform gets truly unified, what will be the reason for galaxy store? Or in other words, will the tool create watch faces exclusively for galaxy store, or for play store too?

Hi Peter, the way I understand it is that GWS will still be used to build faces for the galaxy store (for current watches) while honeyface will be used to build for wearos. That means that for a developer that wants to support both platforms is more work…

While Samsung remains silent, this is all a speculation. In Google’s announcement for the wearos there was not this type of information disclosed resulting Samsung devs (or at least the vast majority) to be in the dark