Is it important that the monitor to project have a touch sreen

New user to Samsung, I am going to buy a portable monitor to do some office work with the desktop mode.

Now I am looking at two different kind. They are both like 2-in-1 and 360° flexible laptops.

Nex doc is mentioned a lot by my friends. It has a 13.3 inch touching screen I am quite satisfied with its function.

I found another one called Changing touch X-Monitor X14, it has a 14 inch screen and all the functions are mostly the same. However, it bugs me a little because it does not have touch screen. The vendor says that new buyers can get a coupon so that means I can get it at the price of $249.

So when you turn your smartphone into a laptop with a dock, does it really matter if the dock does not have touch screen?

Which monitor should I choose?

Hi @livialmj, It’s not necessary to have a touch screen on the extended monitor for Samsung Dex. Even you could use a mouse and keyboard by using a USB-C hub. You could buy easily a non-touch monitor if you want.

But always it depends on your needs and budget.