Is the distributor1 CA path mandatory in profile.xml file?

Hi !

We have a production application running on multiple Samsung Hospitality device.
All our WGT are signed with the same author.p12 and distributor.p12 certificates.

Lately, we had to modify our CI packaging and signing logic to successfully sign our package on Debian. We setup a sh script to invoke to signing Tizen CLI command (based on findings of [SOLVED] Can't package TV app using docker - #3 by russell.gaia). In this script, we used the following command:

$TIZEN_PATH security-profiles add -n PUBLIC -a path/author.p12 -p author-password -d path/distributor.p12 -dp distributor-password

without setting the distributor1 CA path with the -dc option.

Is this correct or should we add it as such:

$TIZEN_PATH security-profiles add -n PUBLIC -a path/author.p12 -p author-password -d path/distributor.p12 -dp distributor-password -dc /home/node/tizen-studio/tools/certificate-generator/certificates/distributor/tizen-distributor-ca.cer


And, should we also execute:

$TIZEN_PATH cli-config “profiles.path=/home/node/tizen-studio-data/profile/profiles.xml”
cat /home/node/tizen-studio-data/profile/profiles.xml


Everything seems to work. Yet, we observed that some TV display the message:

EN (translated from french)

“The system can’t find any applications to run. Go to URL launcher settings in the factory settings menu and install the application first.”


“Le système ne trouve aucune application a executer. Accédez à Parametres du lanceur d’URL dans le menu des parametres d’usine et installez d’abord l’application.”

in an apparently random fashion. That being said, the application upgraded and runs most of the time.

We do not exclude other explaining issues , but we would appreciate any relevant comment/advise regarding the effect of this distributor1 CA value.

Thanks a lot.


For Hospitality Display development please follow this page. You will get the detailed development guide here.

If you have any queries please contact the following support channel.

Thanks for your reply. I did not find explicit indication in the documentation.

Yet, we were informed via a support ticket that mentioning the distributor CA path is recommended.