Is two-step auth broken for anyone else?

For the last week or so, every time I’ve tried to log in to my Samsung account, I get to the step where it sends me a 2FA code via SMS and can’t get any further.

Last week it would send me two different codes simultaneously from different numbers. Neither of them worked, so it would claim to fall back on a voice call. The call never actually came though, and eventually I would just get locked out.

This week I only get codes from one number, but they’re always invalid. Again, I get a screen that says they will voice call me. No call ever arrives. After another couple of attempts to log in from scratch, I get locked out. There is a prompt to use a backup code, but I don’t have any backup codes.

The solution from account support was to disable two-step authentication on my account. This seems like a pretty bad way to resolve broken authentication problems, but at least I can log in for long enough to ask for support with logging in.

Is anyone else having this problem?

The only time I’ve heard of the 2FA not working was when there was multiple Samsung Accounts

If you sign in to your account and click on Dashbord in the upper right hand corner
Then click on Samsung Account
Then at the very bottom is Contact us.
Click on that and it will open a 1:1 customer support for the Samsung Account directly.
If your browser asks did you want disregard that, it is not the support address.
Use that for help.
anything that is not relevant but required mark with N/A

Hope this helps,

Because end user questions disrupt the developer forums I will remove this topic in a couple days.

Samsung Developer Relations

I totally understand that, but I’m not looking for Samsung support, I’ve already received it. I wanted to know if other developers get this too, because if they do, I won’t bother trying to figure out why it’s happening and just leave 2FA off.

I wanted to know if other developers get this too

I have heard of it very infrequently and the solution was to contact the support from your profile. I personally have an issue because my 2FA is tied to my tablet not the computer so when I run to my bedroom where the tablet is the authenticator has timed out. Still Authenticator works better than SMS.

I’ll leave it for a week or so to see if others join in and move it to the Samsung Developer Program which may attract more attention.

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