Issue on cropping if Index image is bigger/smaller than 450px

When adding an index, if the image is bigger than 450px, it gets cutoff and we are unable to properly resize the actual image inside the Index element. For me, the larger image is necessary to improve the visual quality of the elements on the screen. It also affects smaller images, as seen in the examples below.

If the image is bigger than 450px

If the image is smaller than 450px

Currently running version 1.4.20 of Watch Face Studio.

Sorry but I’m lost. In GWS you could manually resize the index (Tic) size in the Dimension setting. But I don’t know of a way to do this in WFS The dimension is set to the full circle not the individual tic.

I have to go to create my own Tic image at the size I want then resize the whole index. Or just create a Index Image.

Were you able to modify the tic size before?

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for the reply. I’m creating the whole index as a single image, not each individual tic. To resize the tics, I have to do it inside the design software, and save as an image, then swap the media of the index element.

The issue here is that the image is not sized or even aligned properly inside the index element, and on the current version (1.4.20), we are not even able to create index images in their natural size (ex: any size bellow 450px), without it being in the wrong position inside the index element and on the canvas. The issue also extends to the index’s style variations.


OK I understand much better now. Can you report this as a bug to Developer Support

As a work around I’d suggest You create just a single tic marks at the size you want then add that add an Index component and use that image. Then make use the custom setting to multiply it. That can be resized. You overlay an index too so you have long and shorter ones. group them and resize.

It doesn’t have to be in the Sample Resources Index folder.


Sure, already submitted. Thanks.