Fonts Cut Off

In WFS in have created watch faces with imported fonts and when installed on the watch they get cutoff. About 95 % of the font shows and the rest gets cut off. This happens no matter what the size of the font is. In WFS they display correctly. System fonts work but there are not many and they are not very good.


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Hi, do you mean cut off cropped or e.g


Yes, it’s like it gets cropped horizontally.

@blu1604754954 If you mean with … then its due to max lenght allowed if i not wrong.

If its cropping issue have you tried increasing the size of slot bound?

Be good if you could printscreen the issue.

It seems to be cutting off on the left side. I do have a large area for the text to be in.

Hi, slot bound not text box. Using what alignment?

The slot bound layer

I’m not sure. I will have to check that out. The thext is center aligned.

Thank you.

@blu1604754954 what watch u using?
Are those bitmap fonts? Custom font types?

I may not be able to solve it for u. But putting those info will help, others to help u.

To add are those complications? Or normal text box
If complication yup check the slot bound.

If normal text box. I dont know why at this moment

Thank you for your help. The text are true type and added to WFS. Any of the default fonts work fine in the same space when I select one of them. Using the added font causes this problem.

Wait and see if anyone has a better solution.

I also had the problem. One solution is set one or more Spaces before the text. the text moves to the right.

sorry for my bad english.

Yes hitting space resolve it however in short text complications or even in long text complication might have a issue. How can we put space in each element inside a short text or long text complication?

Not possible to resolve this in WFS atm. Only directly in WFF.
Problem is with how DWF is handling some ttf fonts.

I’ve played a bit with those font info values

specially Win Ascent, Win Descent and Typo Line Gap.

It requires directly editing ttf font and some fine-tuning but it works. It’s not simple process and requires some font making knowledge.

So, there are tree solutions for this if cropping happens inside complication:

  1. use different font
  2. re-work watch face in Watch Face Format directly (not using WFS) by adding spaces inside complication text
  3. edit ttf font

I’m not sure if this is Samsung DWF specific or also happens on Pixel Watches.

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Thank you I will give it a try

Adding spaces before and after did make it work. Not sure why I would have to but another software glitch. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions.

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Hi, report it here.

At Samsung Developer Support Channel

ive had issues with finicky ttf as well. especially from amateur artists on those free download sites. some are always better than others. my question is, will wfs support open type fonts any time in the future? now that adobe stopped supporting ttf & ps1 fonts?

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It looks like .otf is supported in Android Font Resources

So add a suggestion to this WFS feature suggestions topic and I can submit it next quarter.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello Ron, is there any feedback on the requests you collected so far?
This was point 32 in feb. '22

Thanks Tomas for this detailed answer. I appreciate. I guess the best solution is to choose another font. :grinning: