Issue with Fetching combined steps from Samsung Health

HealthDataResolver.Filter filter = HealthDataResolver.Filter.and(
                HealthDataResolver.Filter.eq("day_time", startTime));           
        HealthDataResolver.ReadRequest request = new HealthDataResolver.ReadRequest.Builder()

We are using the above code to get the combined steps from all the apps and for that we consider the data with source type= -2 (i.e combined) from return set of data.

One of our user is using Samsung Health in 3 different phones.
so on one day (let’s say 1st of Oct.) at one point of time when we requested the steps from Samsung Health it returned us the total steps (instead of combined steps) from all the devices (E.x 30K) and after some time on the same day when we requested again, it returned us 10K steps. (i.e the combined steps).

how can we avoid getting incorrect data (i.e 30K)? do you have any information which let us know that the user’s steps from all the devices/phones were not processed on Samsung Health and it might get reduced ?

If you are a Samsung Health Partner you should get help via that channel. If you aren’t a Samsung Health Partner please open a Support Request and you may be able to get a solution that way.

Samsung Developer Relations