Issue with Tag [MON_S]


i am using the [MON_S] Tag on a date text component.
Normally it should show just 3 letters.

In German language it shows on Month “March” (German: März) 4 letters.
Super weird. Anyone from Germany here with the same issue?

Maybe he doesn’t count the special character “ä,ü,ö” as a letter? :thinking:

So to all Germans … you have 29 days left to check it :grimacing:.

Wird bei mir auch so angezeigt.

Anzeige deutsch:

Anzeige englisch:

Jep. Bei mir auch. Trotz 3 vorgegebenen Zeichen, wird der Monat März ausgeschrieben.

Yup. Me too. Despite 3 given characters, the month of March is spelled out like “März”

Ich habe das ganze im GWD mal geprüft. Dort wird in deutscher Sprache bei dem Tag MMM auch März angezeigt. Ich geh davon aus, dass die Programme die Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) nicht unterscheiden können.

Thanks for the feedback.

But where is the error defined?
Programming language? A used library?

I mean, it’s just a small problem, maybe just a German language problem, but if you planned to use only a 3-letter text field in a design, that single extra letter can make things really ugly.

Mmmhh… :thinking:

All that information is from the ICU Library someone put the wrong information there. I used to be able to understand the documentation but the changed the way it is written and I can’t understand it any more.

Samsung Developer Relations

I think it is simply because of the inconsistence in the used ICU data source. The abbreviations are for various languages not true to what they promise. The expected 3 letter is in some languages 4 letters, 3 letters with dot in others, some are not abbreviated at all.
This problem existed on the tizen watches too and was never addressed.

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As already mentioned. It does not only concern “German” or “März”. In the GWD you could at least check if there are space problems by displaying the individual languages. In the WFS this is unfortunately no longer possible, no matter which language you set as “default”. In the WFS only English is displayed.

Here are some examples with more letters.

German: März, Juni, Juli
French: janv., févr., mars, juin, juil., août, sept.
Spanish: sept.
Swedish: mars, juni, juli

So it concerns not only special characters, like ä, ü, ö

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Yeah it come directly out of the ICU data source.
Maybe the GWS Team is able to add some kind of substring function to that value [mon_s]?


I’ve add it to the feature requests. Maybe the can be a way to format the text like there is for numbers