Khronos Maker plugin for Ai now available!

Proud to announce that Khronos Maker for Adobe Illustrator CC, is now available to get from the Adobe Exchange marketplace!

Khronos Maker is an extension specifically developed for making the process of designing / creating round-based watch faces easy and fast. Using the tool, you can save hours of manual work with basically just a click of a button. The philosophy behind the tool is to free up as much time as possible for creativity and letting the tedious repetitive tasks like placing of the indices to be handled by the tool while keeping the flexibility.

Here is a direct link to the plugin: Khronos Maker

Or search for Khronos Maker on

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Finally got some time to record a tutorial.

Here’s a direct link to the tutorial
Khronos Maker Feature Tutorial

I’m happy to share that Khronos Maker is now also compatible with Adobe Photoshop! :ok_hand: :watch: