Sharing Tutorials & Inspiration

Hi Samsung Devs,

I have recently started sharing small tutorials every now and then in form of bitesized IGTV episodes. The idea is to help and inspire people to create even better products. The tutorials are targeted towards semi-professionals & creative professionals that want to get more advanced with their tools as well as to give people an insight in what techniques me and my company uses to create our digital products.

I also want to ask the community if there is anything special you would like to see in this format? Could be anything from creative process to tips and tricks with the tools we use, code or anything else you are curious about. Would be great to know as I’m planning to record more tutorials as time goes.

After Effects tutorial - Linked Animation With Time Offset

After Effects tutorial - Loop (bonus)

After Effects tutorial - Looping animation

After effects tutorial - Wiggle (bonus)

After Effects tutorial - Wiggle

Making of / breakdowns of watch faces:
Cranium (memento mori) - Making of / Breakdown

Geomatrix - Making of / Breakdown

So, I’m Mike, the founder and director at MADE By Lundahl. Even though my company only has 2 watch faces currently in the store (with a 3rd on its way, hopefully released end of may depending on how things goes), have close to 20 years of experience creating & designing different digital products professionally, ranging from games to apps & web development and now also big focus on Samsung Wearables.

I posted it here on the Galaxy Watch sections since that’s what I’m heavily focused on. Let me know if this is inappropriate or if this should go elsewhere.

MADE By Lundahl