Old Frontier S3 watch, is there a watch maker app that will work with

I use to used the older GalaxywatchStudio app to build watch faces a while back. When that stopped working I just stopped building watch faces. Recently I wanted to try to build some again so I tried to setup watch face studio, but wondering if it will even work with that watch version. Debugging and all that is on, but it just keeps saying the pairing failed.

Specifically “Failed to pair with device. Please need the data of the device or check your input” (Not sure how a typo like that makes it into production, doesn’t exactly instill confidence but whatever).

Before I dump a bunch to time, turning the watch off and back on, disconnecting and reconnecting, making sure I am facing southeast, etc. I just want to see if it even works with this version I couldn’t find it searching.


Watch face studio only cooperates with watches that run wearOS.
If for whatever reason you can not use GWS anymore, to make watch faces for watches running Tizen OS, you can try to use third party “midleman” programs like Facer.io or Watchmaker (there are some others which I dont like much).
They basically let you install their watchface on watch. It will then work like changeable face, that lets you display your creation on it, which will be sent to the face from their phone companion app.
They offer some functions that GWS does not, while also lacks some free features of it. On top of that, they usually drain battery somewhat faster than GWS faces.

The frontier s3 i just google used wear os 2, but wfs supports wear os 3 and above only.

Actually no, gear S3 uses Tizen OS, not wear OS

Oh i read that there was a wear os 2 side loaded/flashed , read wrongly my bad

But wear os 3 unable to side load no support from the community