Link to all apps of a developer

Is there way to generate a link for Galaxy Store to all apps of a developer?
If no please add this feature.

If you are a Watch App or Themes designer/developer there is a Brand Page you can link to for a list of all your apps and designs. But there isn’t such a thing from the Galaxy Store app for Android Apps or Games.

I see that the Galaxy Store desktop you can do a search and it will list all the apps from a developer and you could use that as a link.

To be certain you could ask this on the seller portal Help Contact us page.

Moving this to the seller portal forum

Samsung Developer Relations

Too bad.
Search is not a variant: there are many other apps in the result.
I need a link to all my apps. This is too easy in Google Play and disaster here.

I will mention this to the Galaxy Store Ops team, I’m not sure why they don’t have something. Or at least a way to create a badge for multiple apps.

Samsung Developer Relations