Link to the date-timezone change applet

In my watchface, I’d like to change the device time and timezone. My watch operates in standalone mode.

Right now I have to open up settings, advanced , find date change applet and then change the date/timezone etc.

Is there a way to get to this page directly via a app link from the watch face?

First off the easiest way is to on your digital clock settings in GWS
click on the pancake menu the clocks properties box and Set as Button
then for action
Time Zone Selector

You may be able open to the settings with App Selector but I doubt it.

You may need to Use Tizen Studio to get the app IDs If you are like me with Windows 11 it device manager doesn’t work.

My advice is to use the simple Time Zone Selector


Thanks I know about the TZ Selector.

The problem is that I’ve got the time displayed on the AOD also and since my watch is not connected - there’s no way to update that time.

This is when I travel to different TZs - I want the digital display on my main watchface and also the one on the AOD screen to display the local time.

All I see, I thought even the standalone watches synced to the local time unless set specifically for a set time zone. (That the time is set by the current service provider unless you are in watch only mode.)

I’m stumped if they don’t update on their own. Maybe someone else has an idea.

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yes i’m in watch only mode.

My phone is an Android - and the problem is that a lot of Samsung software/plugins and extras need to be loaded.

Is there a minimum software that can be installed on the phone just for the time sync - nothing else.

Or maybe there’s an app that can transfer the local time via bt etc.

All you should need to install is the Samsung Wearable App that will sync the time via BT.
You do not need to install the Samsung Health app.

Watch only mode doesn’t do health or anything other than time.

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