Problems new Galaxy Watch Studio

I have two problems, I have just updated to Galaxy Watch Studio and I have gone to update one of my designs and I have encountered two errors:

1st. I have encountered an error in some expressions to show two texts and activate one for AM and the other for PM in the 12 hours.

The scripts are these and they work on the watch, but not in the preview of Galaxy Watch Studio (which bothers me when taking screenshots for the store and testing):

AM On:
100 * ([H]> = 0) * ([H] <12)

PM On:
100 * ([H]> = 12) * ([H] <= 23)

I already tell you that in Galaxy Watch Designer 1.8 it worked but it is the preview that does not accept this (on the watch it works).

2nd. Sync with device appears all the time in the time zone selector and if I send it to the watch it appears empty (you have to press to select the time zone), I have the automatic mode for the time zone and in galaxy watch designer this was not so. Has anything changed?

Are these two errors listed as Galaxy Watch Studio version 2.0 errors?

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The script works for me for both GWS Preview and on the Watch.

I can’t get Time Zone Selector to Work, I’ve submitted a bug report about it.

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Yes, please … report it, because I have to send this update and I have sent it with that error.

As for the preview of the scripts, I do not see it well:


I overlapped AM and PM text boxes and used your scripts for opacity. Have you got a HiDef monitor? We are seeing some issues with HiDef monitors could that be your issue? If not submit a bug report with a simple example that shows that. If you have the HiRes monitor there is another thread that shows the fix.

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I have a Lenovo Legion Y540 laptop. I don’t know why it could be the monitor problem?

submit a support request with an example.

I can’t duplicate it so I don’t know what the issue is.

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Thanks Ron! I will prepare it and send it

I found the issue with the Timezone Selector. Like you I had 12/24 hour clock and it was setting the timezone for the top layered clock which in my case was not the 12 hour format. I’ve updated the report as I believe only the active clock should set the timezone.

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Thanks Ron.

I appreciate that. At the moment, I’m going to cancel the upload of the new version.