Possible to select the device/default timezone once changed

I’ve got a timezone selector for my digital clock.

Once changed to a different timezone - is it possible to change it back to the default/device timezone.

Also, I’ve got a digital clock on my AOD display. Is it possible to link the timezone of the AOD display to the one on my normal watchface.

As long you are editing your watchface in GWS, you can revert any change of time zone. Once you build and upload the face to the watch, you can not can not change it on the watch.
In GWD/GWS the AoD design is independent from the active one, so you can make same settings changes on both, but you have to do it individually, there is no link between them. Only if you remove the AoD, make your changes in active, then automatically generate AoD as a copy of active…

If you have Time Zone Selector set as a button action on your digital clock and set it to another time zone you can tap on it later and reset it to a different time zone but not sync with device.

I believe if you switch the watch face to a different watch face and then back it will forget the time zone chosen and go back to sync with device (or whatever preset time zone you set it for in GWS).

I didn’t try it but I’m pretty confident that is how it will work.

@Peter had the AOD part answered.

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That’s too bad.

I was reading some earlier posts on the topic and having the ability to link to a given timezone (e.g. a text field able to display a value from a given timezone) would be so powerful.

Quick question…I see the latest release is over a year old. Is this software being maintained any more?

Also would such a feature mentioned above be available on the Wear OS software WFS.


The GWS was discontinued (same as the tizen OS was discontinued) and I doubt it will ever get new updated version.

Tizen OS is alive for Smart Things and Smart TVs and marketed to other Smart TV brands and other Smart Devices.

There is also Mobile Tizen OS and watch development still ongoing.

I believe the GWS 2.0.1 version is a step backwards and do not recommend it to anyone other that Mac OS users.

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Are there going to be new smart watches running on Tizen?

None by Samsung in the foreseeable future

You can make one using Raspberry Pi but it may be a bit big to wear on your wrist :slight_smile: