How to enable selection of timezone

I’m designing a watch face that has a digital time.

I’d like the user to set the timezone by tapping on it.

If not - at least during the customize stage.

Any help appreciated.

You can add a short text complication and set the complication as World clock. Then the user can change the time as they want.

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I did that - but it’s not invoking the timezone selector on the simulator.

Do I have to do this on the real device?


Yes you need to do that on a real device.

By the way you asked a question in Galaxy Watch Studio and one here in Watch Face Studio they are different tools for different operating systems are you designing for both older and newer Watches?

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Thanks for the response.

Actually I’m developing for the Tizen watches.

I noticed on the GWS there was no text complication of type WorldTime. Can the same timezone selection be done under GWS - if so how?

Create Digital Clock
click on the properties menu
Set as Button
action tab
Interaction Tap
Action Time Zone Selector

or for world clock
Create an object or text box
Make it a button in the properties menu by the name
Action tab
Interaction Double Tap
Open App
select app switcher at the bottom.
The end user can then select world clock

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